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Winter/Spring Interns

We’re happy to welcome Maleeka Black, Drew Miller and welcome back to Gigi Uson. Maleeka joins us from the Community Worker Program at George Brown College, Drew Miller from SATEC (Environmental High Skills Major), and Gigi returns for a second semester as part of her Teacher Candidacy. We are so pleased to have them joining our staff and other placement students in this already-packed semester of growing and learning!

Hi, my name is Maleeka Black, I am 24 years old and I am a placement student with Green Thumbs. I am currently in the Community Worker program at George Brown and live in the Regent Park neighbourhood. I chose to do my placement with Green Thumbs because I am interested in learning about the environment and how we can become more eco-friendly on an individual, institutional and national level.

My name is Drew. I am a grade 12 student at SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I. I am very excited to learn and be a part of Green Thumbs Growing Kids, for the next few months. I am passionate about educating people on environmental issues, and improving my gardening skills.

My name is Gigi Uson and I am a Teacher Candidate with York University in the Bachelor of Education Program. I’ve completed my Bachelor of Arts at Ryerson University in Early Childhood Studies and my diploma at George Brown College in Early Childhood Education. I am currently employed by the TDSB as a Designated Early Childhood Educator and an Oral/Sign Language Instructor. I am thrilled to be completing my placement at Green Thumbs Growing Kids as I truly believe that children belong outside and are important stakeholders in our path to creating a sustainable future. I look forward to supporting GTGK garden programs and implementing new programs such as American Sign Language in the Garden, and Climate Change in the greenhouse as part of Fridays for Green Future.

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