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We were goosed!

Over the month of May, this family joined us on the Daniels Spectrum Green Roof. How adorable, right? Fuzzy little goslings? Oh but then how they enjoyed our freshly planted corn and other veggies, including some butterfly eggs spotted on the dill. Little did we know how unsuitable the habitat is for them, even so. Turns out they need to be near water, like real water, not just a soaker hose. And although the parents thought they were doing the right thing by nesting in an open field, where they could spot predators, they hadn't actually considered the building height as an issue. As the goslings learn to fly, they need runway and they need NOT to fall more than 2 stories - a fall would likely kill them! Luckily, Toronto Wildlife Centre to the rescue! This registered charity came out on a day's notice, out of concern for the goslings! We're all happier now. We have our veggie garden, they have their pond.

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