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We’ve Gone Virtual

Ohemaa Boateng, Program Manager

Ohemaa's avatar introducing herself
Farmer Ohemaa welcoming her next garden helpers

From in-person school garden programs to the digital world of zoom calls. Our online programs welcomed students throughout the GTA to learn about how to be better stewards of the land. Our passionate Green Thumbs staff and committed placement students were excited for the new opportunity to bring hands-on outdoor education and food literacy to a digital platform.

Child's art created with seed depicting a Kentucky Coffeetree
Kentucky Coffeetree in a meadow - art done with seeds collected in the home

Elementary school students were taught the topics like the fundamentals of plant and seed anatomy, saving seeds from food scraps, growing their own food indoors, worms and composting, as well as how plants, animals, people and nature are all interconnected.

One of our most popular Earth Day programs allowed students to learn about the threatened native tree species called Biizhou aatig also known as the Kentucky Coffeetree. They learned how to prepare and plant this native tree from seed. They also discovered the symbiotic relationship between the Kentucky Coffeetree and the prehistoric mammal called the Mastodon.

Ohemaa's avatar appears with the Mastodon.
The Mastodon had a shorter stockier build, smaller ears and straighter tusk than the more commonly known Woolly Mammoth

Little sprout in a pot
Another successful Biizhou aatig sprout

With the positive support and constructive feedback from our garden helpers and teachers we continued to improve our digital programs so it can be accessible, engaging and educational.

Card of appreciation, with teacher avatar
“We are so appreciative of your programming! Can’t wait to book again!” - Ms. Fossella, Grade 1

Card of appreciation, with teacher avatar
“Ohemaa did an excellent job of engaging students online. Her presentation was interesting, interactive and it sparked the curiosity of students!” - Ms. Gleason, Kindergarten

All our programs are linked to the curriculum and adapted for all age groups. We offer a wide range of interactive programs with growing kits and without.

Card of appreciation with teacher avatar
“This was our second program and we loved it! Thank you for all your hard work. Always Engaging!” - Ms. Williams, Grade 4

child is holding a thank you drawing
One of our garden helpers with a thank you poster

See more artwork here.

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