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Wanjun's Reflections on Placement

Hello Everyone! My name is Wanjun Huang, and I am an international student at Ryerson University and I have studied in Canada for six years. I am currently in my Early Childhood Studies program and doing my fourth placement with Green Thumbs Growing Kids. The thing I like the most about Canada is the summer because I get to spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature. When I came across Green Thumbs, I was excited to do my placement with them because I like there was so much to learn and do with the organization. The placement starts from June 22nd and ends August 19th. I plan on developing eight lesson plans for children of different ages. Things that I am excited to learn with Green Thumbs will be enhancing my knowledge about nature, native plants and trees. I would also like an opportunity to apply my knowledge about early childhood development and learning into outdoor education. More importantly, I am passionate about working with children and I would like to develop professionally with Green Thumbs, which helps me gain new knowledge and better support others. Thank you for letting me be a part of Green Thumbs team and providing me with such a great opportunity to gain gardening knowledge and deliver them to others in my future practices.

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