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Urban Roots Youth Program First Session

Describing coir and castings

We started our first session of the Urban Roots Youth Program at Rosedale Heights Greenhouse last week with much success.

In partnership with the City of Toronto, the Recipe for Community in St. James Town, we started our first program by introducing participants to vermicomposting, red wigglers (and how fabulous they are!), by getting them to screen castings (i.e. worm poo! And yes, if you think about it, a lot of soil comes from not only decomposed plant matter and minerals, but also excrements of animals, insects and microorganisms!), and making a planting mix with coir (i.e. coconut fibre) to plant a flat of pea shoots!

Urban Roots Youth Program

The rounded greenhouse is beautiful and looking forward to the next session already, where Alfredo from the Access and Diversity Unit of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Department, City of Toronto, will be leading a workshop on soil!

Not all our spots are filled yet, so if you’re interested or know someone who is in attending the next 7 weeks, please e-mail us at urbanrootsyouth(AT) .

Following workshops will include: more planting, propagation, seed germination tests, botanical drawing and observation, preparing for the growing season and more….

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