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“The Little Give” Comes to GTGK!

Happy Monday all!  Meghan the intern here! We’ve had a really exciting weekend at Green Thumbs Growing Kids! Have you heard of Edelman Canada’s “The Little Give” corporate social responsibility initiative? Well, we hadn’t – until we were lucky enough to be chosen to participate in this event that benefits child-centred non-profit organizations! A team of Edelman employees is assigned to each organization chosen and the teams compete against each other to come up with a novel plan of action that addresses the respective needs of each charity (scope out their perspective at So, what did our brilliant “Team Skipping Rope” come up with? Check out the photos (with our own in-house supermodel Xuan Yen) – we’ve received an incredible upgrade from our old Rubbermaid storage bin at the Winchester School Garden! As if that wasn’t enough, our Edelman team also got us a membership and discount for AutoShare (so we can cruise around St James Town and Cabbagetown in environmentally-friendly style), consultations for fundraising, media, and volunteering, and a huge 2500$ donation!

Most heart-warming was not the donations themselves but the time and effort that our team dedicated to us. On Friday afternoon, our garden was filled with Edelman staff weeding, mulching paths, watering garden beds, and putting together our spectacular new garden shed. With smiles on their faces, our new friends worked in the garden until 10 pm. Maybe “The Little Give” isn’t so ‘little’ after all!

P.S. Fun fact – this shed was a model in the Home Depot Dream Home catalogue! Celebrity abounds at GTGK…

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