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July 10, 2024 - We've had a very nice spring season in our school gardens. Participants range from Kindergarteners to post-secondary undergrad and graduate students!

This was a fantastic experience for all! Tasting, smelling, learning about the plants in their garden, a green peaceful outdoor space. The facilitators were friendly, knowledgeable and patient with kindergarten students. Afterwards, we grew peas. Planted from seed, observed, documented, measured the growth, drew pictures and focus on life cycle of a plant including what happens when humans interfere and plants die, then leading into composting. Very well done program! I hope to participate next year.

Billie Jo Reynolds/Tabobondung, Kindergarten, Rose Ave

I'm very grateful for your excellent programming and staff. It is a wonderful way to engage our students in gardening when they often don't have exposure to this at home. I love that you have Indigenous staff who add a richness to your programming, which was very complete and thorough. My students loved digging, planting, watering and tasting - everything! We had a good discussion afterward and have been reading plant-related books like The Tiny Seed and Eddie's Garden.

Carol Evans, Grade 2, Rose Ave PS

I cannot thank you enough, once again for providing such an enriching experience for my grade 7/8 students, right in our schoolyard! When I first reached out I was just looking for time in the garden. Instead you provided the most enriching and curriculum connecting programming. 


Some of my students’ words about the connections they made while in the garden:


" Miss, that was like working on my family farm back in Sri Lanka" - grade 7


" Thank you for the prayers and time to thank the land, it was like we do in my home in Uganda" - grade 8 (This was after the opening and closing Smudge ceremony that we partook in while in the garden). 


" Miss, in our culture we thank the land before we eat" - grade 7 


"Miss this is the thing we were talking about in class about the Indigenous people in Canada who know so much about the land, right?"


Thank you for taking the time to bring together such knowledgeable staff, creating engaging programming and allowing the students to get their hands dirty!


Annette Carling, Grade 7/8, Winchester JSPS



[The field trip to Winchester and Rose Ave. school gardens] helps my post-secondary students connect our readings and class discussion to real life. The garden engagement field trip is usually what students remember most about the courses - being in place and experiencing that content is really impactful. Planting in the gardens, learning about the history of the gardens is a unique learning opportunity for my students to apply theoretical content and class work to real and organic ecological engagement.

Dr. Susan Jagger, York University


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