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Summer's Over! Thanks to outgoing staff & students, welcome new placement students

Summer 2021 was a whirlwind of activity. Six summer staff worked from May 10 through July 9, and three continued on until the end of summer. Big thanks to Dev Vyas, Ari Wichert, Paula Masamba, Ana Lopez, Aarthi Manohar, and Sophie Mihevc, for all the awesome work organizing gardens, markets and donations of produce, and much more. Thanks to Wanjun Huang for contributing ideas and lesson plans to be used in the future.

So here we are, September 2021. We have three new George Brown College students and 10 new Humber College of Nursing students, along with their faculty supervisor Stephanie Hamilton. Our GBC students are participating both online and in person, helping with markets, gardens and programs. The Humber students will design and develop a program of their own for virtual implementation. See below for their cute introduction! Meantime, meet Tristan, Tobias and Trisha (Triple T threat!)

Hi there, my name is Tristan and I'm in my second year of community work. A part of why I chose to study this subject is to expand my understanding of political aspects such as (but not limited to) political philosophy/economy/science. Green Thumbs fits in with my interests because their focus on supporting their community with agriculture (garden programs in neighboring schools) is something that interests me and I want to learn from this organization ways in which I too can give back to my community. I also look forward to learning more about agriculture and how to cultivate in a more modern society, among other tasks related to my course materials.

Hi! My name is Tobias (he/they), and I am a transgender individual from Toronto. I love nature and art! I am a third-year student from the Child and Youth Care program at George Brown College. Green Thumbs interested me a lot as a placement because of the work that they do in the community that I was raised in. Learning about ways to sustainably grow our own food, the physical and mental benefits of nature, and our environment is highly important. I am very excited to work in the gardens and harvest the wonderful fruits, vegetables and herbs that grow in them, as well as help facilitate educational programs for youth.

Hi everyone! I am Trisha Barretto, and currently taking my 3rd year Child and Youth Care program at George Brown College. Green Thumbs Growing Kids is my first experience on a Field Placement. I am very excited and looking forward to learning about gardening, vegetables, creating and implementing activities for children. I love being outdoors and in nature and hope to get along with everyone.


Welcome Humber students!

Hello Green Thumbs Community!

We are a group of third year and second entry nursing students from the Humber College-University of New Brunswick program. We’re all super excited to work with Green Thumbs and the community! A lot of us really love gardening and the outdoors but some other interesting facts about the ten of us are...

Grace: Lives with a pet rock named Pebble.

Mikaela: Has a huge collection of books.

Zohal: Worked with Black Widow spiders during undergrad.

Kim: Owns a scrunchie business (@scrunchiesforthem).

Nav: Has a growing collection of house plants (currently has 10).

Tian: Is a big fan of Harry Potter.

Suneel: Favorite type of music is K-pop.

Elyze: I love outdoor activities like ice skating, hiking, and rock climbing!

Bishara: I love aloe vera.

Crystal: Likes to watch Naruto.

We want to learn more about the community and be able to give back. A few of us have some experience with gardening, whereas some of us are completely clueless, so we hope to pick up some gardening tips and skills during our placement here. We are ready to learn teaching skills from Green Thumbs to motivate the kindergarten and elementary school children learning.

Green Thumbs seemed to be a breath of fresh air bringing fresh opportunities and a unique clinical experience for nursing students.

Some of us hope to expand our knowledge of the environment and the ecosystems that indirectly impact our health, as well as improve our gardening skills.

We want to be able to take what we learn to help educate younger and older generations through activities and meaningful conversations. Through Green Thumbs, we’ll find reliable and accessible resources to support healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Thanks for welcoming us.

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