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Squirrel Payback Time

Don't you love how squirrels take a bite out of your tomatoes and cucumbers? Well, we've heard that leaving some water out for them might deter this behaviour. But we have another strategy. Take their acorns! Payback!!! And grow more oak trees! (Okay, that will help the squirrels too.)

Using the lovely Regent Park Greenhouse, we're growing oak trees from seed that Eric Davies collected from old growth Toronto trees. He and his team at Wilder Ventures are deeply committed to increasing the success of city-grown native trees. We are excited to partner with them, and grow our knowledge along with the trees. We are using rainwater as the City has not finished the greenhouse infrastructure (after 7 years) so there is no heat or running water yet. But no matter, we prefer rainwater anyway, and thankfully the Greenhouse was designed with 2 rain capture tanks. Stay tuned!

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