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Rose Ave. Parenting Centre Program

by Sunday Harrison, photos Heide Zelmer

Looking back, our garden program with the Rose Ave. PS Parenting Centre began in 2013, and has continued every spring, summer and fall ever since. This program brings parents and toddlers into the school garden for the fresh food, fresh air and the tiny bit of green space in a very concrete-heavy high-rise neighbourhood of St. James Town, Toronto. Once in the garden, toddlers delight in watering and even tasting, and moms (mostly) share recipes and delight in taking home small pots of herbs for their balconies.

The Asian favourite, Sacred Basil or Tulsi, raised by Urban Harvest, found its way to a couple dozen homes this past Thursday. At Green Thumbs we're so happy to facilitate connecting to cultural favourites and green spaces, from a young age!

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