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Lives Rewritten: Mind, Body & Spirit

This fall, Green Thumbs was engaged through the Muslim Children’s Aid and Social Services to run a weekly workshop series after school, for New Canadian kids aged 8-13. Funding was received via United Way of Greater Toronto and the Government of Canada.

The goal is to support resiliency of New Canadian children in mind, body, and spirit. Although Green Thumbs’ portion of the project was to focus on healthy eating, the holistic approach supported by the project allowed our staff and volunteers to learn and use Mindfulness techniques and ideas, to support the children’s engagement.

Here’s Ohemaa with many of the group members. They each designed their own avatar, and got to participate in many hands-on activities even though it was a virtual program. Ohemaa reflected that many of the kids have faced traumatic events in the past and have had to adapt to their new communities in the middle of a pandemic. Some of them are experiencing their first winter here while being socially distanced from their support groups. The Lives Rewritten project has provided a window of opportunity and hope for them. While focused on food, the power of positive thought and self care was not lost on these kids.

“Hello my name is Mahmoud. I am a student from Rewritten Lives group. This group changed my life and it made me learn alot of stuff, one of the things i enjoyed was, learning to be always kind to one another and the second thing is, WE GOT TO GROW PLANTS, we got to grow peashoot and then we ate it. These are my reasons why i like Rewritten Lives group, thank you bye.”

On the first day, one child said, “today was the best day ever!”

On Graduation Day! Quotable quotes:

“We can do anything if we put our mind to it we can change the world :)”

“Each and every one of us has a purpose in this world, we are all important!”

“I will remember you all in my heart :)”

“I love our class! Ohemaa thank you so much for everything.”

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