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Introducing a new Community Worker-in-Training

Hello everyone. My name is Rebika Baniya. I am an international student from Nepal. Currently I am pursuing a diploma in the Community Worker Program at George Brown College and I am in my first year. I am doing my placement with Green Thumbs. The first thing that I am excited about, working with Green Thumbs, is that I will learn about the native plants of Canada which are completely new to me, and learn some of their indigenous terms. Botany is my all-time favourite subject since I was in high school. I am a nature lover and have visited many botanical gardens in my home country. For the last months working with Green Thumbs, I have learned how to use the communication tools like Google Suites and Microsoft Office. Due to COVID-19, the placement is all virtual. The placement supervisor and staff team are very friendly and helpful. They have sent me all the organization resources so that I can become familiar with them.

Working with Green Thumbs I expect to learn about urban agriculture in Toronto and how to maintain gardens. I would like to develop interactive virtual programs for children and believe this will improve my communication and organizational skills. I love to interact with children and teach them with fun activities so that they can enjoy learning new things. I am looking forward to everything being in-person and waiting for summer so that I can visit the gardens, support the staff with crop planning and getting the garden spaces ready. I am thankful to the entire team of Green Thumbs for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the organization and providing me with valuable knowledge about gardening which I can utilize in the future to add more green spaces to the Mother Earth.

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