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Holiday Gift Cards are Here

This holiday season, give a gift that says you want to share the joy of the season with kids and their families in the inner city.

On the front, a beautiful Green Thumbs original school garden photo that expresses the joy and sharing of the season.

Inside, a personalized message from you – honouring those who you know care about connecting kids with nature and food!

Options: $10 card will purchase seed to feed one class healthy spring greens $25 card will purchase a berry shrub for a school garden $50 card will purchase enough new seed to feed one class healthy snacks for the whole growing season, and provide a harvest of fresh vegetables for low-income families through the summer. Includes a packet of seed collected in our school gardens. $100 card will purchase everything needed for 3 classes to preserve their harvest by making jams, pickles, and healing salves. Includes a packet of seed collected in our school gardens.

HOW TO: 1. Visit and click Donate Now 2. Select your giving level, and click the option “In Honour Of”. Enter the name of your recipient. 3. Enter the address of your recipient in the “Message to Charity” field, and follow instructions to complete your payment by credit card. 4. If steps 1-3 are not available to you, send e-transfer to:, and send email with your recipient’s name and address. 5. You’ll receive a tax receipt for your gift. To guarantee delivery by Dec. 25, please ensure that you complete steps 1-3 above before Dec. 18 for out-of-province, before Dec. 19 for in-province, and before Dec. 20 for local delivery.

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