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Community Worker Program Students finish fall semester with flying colours

Green Thumbs has been super happy to host George Brown College Community Workers-in-Training this fall. Meet George Lin, Quyen Pham, Molly Tarsey and Kevin Tran:

Hi, My name is George and I’m a second year student from George Brown College in the community worker program. Here at Green Thumbs I’m excited to learn more and help others learn more about gardening, nature, environmental issues and more. I will also help out in every opportunity to make the world a better place with gardening, nature and environmental knowledges./

My name is Quyen. I am a second-year student from Community Worker program. I have found my interest in working with a community where I can find people who have something in common and want to take action to make a change in our society. My background is biotechnology and I have worked at a restaurant for a period of time. I am also interested in learning how to design and develop Aquaponics in the city! While studying and working, I believe that I have found certain things that come up to my mind “food security”, “fresh food”, “urban agriculture”, “gardening”, “friendly environment”. I really want to connect these things together and bring them up to a community. Then I found Green Thumbs where I can explore these things and so excited to be a placement student here.

Molly is a second year Community Worker student attending George Brown College. She is passionate about working with children and families on environmental issues, specifically food sovereignty. She greatly understands the importance of green space within communities and believes access to a healthy environment is a right. Molly is excited to apply skills learned in the Green Thumbs gardens in her own urban garden.

Kevin Tran is currently a 2nd year student at George Brown College studying Community Worker and will be doing his placement at Green Thumbs Growing Kids for his final year at school.  Kevin has worked in restaurants and urban farms. Kevin’s passionate about food education and community development. He believes that food should be taught in schools, whether it is cooking, growing or eating; kids should be able to know where food is being grown and how it is being grown.

Ditch the Plastic

The four students worked together to create a workshop for the community, called Ditch the Plastic. They offered a hands-on activity creating beeswax-infused cloth in which you can wrap your food. The workshop, held on Nov. 19, was so successful they may do it again next semester!

The week of Dec. 9-13 has seen the students staffing a Green Gifts sale, here at Centre for Social Innovation – Regent Park. So fantastic – calendula salves, Grow Without A Garden book, beeswax wraps and more!

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