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Anusha Santhakumar, Youth & Volunteer Programs Co-ordinator

Apologies – our WordPress has new bells & whistles and won’t show all our staff on the page it’s supposed to! So here’s Anusha, who has been with us since summer 2019 and has stayed cool as a cucumber during COVID. Here’s her bio, in the style of Summer 2020 staff.

I studied Environment and Urban sustainability at Ryerson, followed by a Masters in Sustainability at Western. I am looking to attend pastry school so I can open up a plant based pastry shop in the future.

I joined Green Thumbs last summer as a summer staff, and am now working as the Youth and Volunteer Coordinator. I am excited to get to work with the summer staff and develop a stronger online presence for Green Thumbs.

I don’t know how to ride a bike, but am determined to learn this summer.

Favourite plants? Potato and roses.

What vegetable would I be? A potato because there is no way to cook/eat a potato that doesn’t taste delicious.

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