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Introducing the printable colouring book, What Gardeners Know, from Green Thumbs Growing Kids!


Green Thumbs Growing Kids supporters can grow their gardening knowledge with this educational colouring book! In What Gardeners Know, children ages 6-14 discover what’s in a garden… from soil, to fruits and veggies, flowers, pollinators, and people!

This youth-friendly resource about food & nature literacy focuses on the importance of biodiversity, and offers ideas on how to become more aware of, and caring towards, your local ecosystems.


What Gardeners Know contains a variety of drawing styles, showcasing some of the talented artists who have long supported Green Thumbs Growing Kids. These diverse drawings also help children & youth to see the connections between art, the environment, and community.


All proceeds from this book support Green Thumbs Growing Kids’ programs. Green Thumbs has sold majority of the physical copies and wanted to shift to a more accessible version moving forward. Also, this allows you to print only the pages you want, saving trees in the process! 

Digital Colouring Book - Printable PDF

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