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Summer Youth & Good Times

Goodness. It’s August! We’ve had Sarah, Jijo, J.J., Amanuel, Winston, Jiawen, Abie and Sail, the youth we’ve co-hired with Youth Voices Research Group, for over 5 weeks and it’s been fantastic. I am not sure how we managed not to have as much assistance in past summers! They’ve really been instrumental in the success of our programs this summer. It’s been a lot of fun as well as a learning experience for all!

Youth pleased with earth block build

Youth celebrating their earth block built at Rose Ave. Public School.

youth installing rainwater catchment for GR

The youth installed a rainwater catchment system at École Gabrielle-Roy with assistance from U4Change.

trellising the cukes

Youth trellising cucumbers at Winchester.

Please go to the Youth4Health Project section on the Youth Voices Research Group website  to read what the youth are thinking about in terms of health issues in the St. James Town community here.

Other projects and events on the go with the youth: Building an earth block retaining wall at Riverdale Farm, visiting and volunteering at FoodCycles, building a hand washing station and a bike blender(!) for the garden, sign making, cooking, finishing building the picnic table and rainwater catchment system, more children’s program development and implementation!

Families at our Tuesday garden drop-in

To see more summer photos go to our Flickr site.

Other GTGK news:

  1. Funders Recognition on Tuesday, August 17th, at Winchester Public School Community Garden. Starting at 7:00 pm, funders are being invited to see how their contributions have benefited the local community. Local media and politicians are invited to attend. For more information contact Sunday at sunday(AT)

  2. GTGK’s Annual General Meeting is coming up September 25th. We invite GTGK members, community members, and those that support our work, school food garden education and environmental education to attend. More information and location to be announced!

  3. Riverdale Program – We have had lots of fun running a garden program for the children attending the summer camp at Riverdale Farm on Thursdays. We’ve been able to make herbal tea packets, seed balls and screened compost for the children to take home!

Millipede relay race prep at Riverdale Farm

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