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School Garden Tour: Show (Taste!) & Tell for UA Week

See the school gardens that Green Thumbs cultivates, make a smoothie, learn about urban agriculture at the Fair in Regent Park. The shady garden at Rose Ave. PS will give you an idea of a school garden in the middle of a high-rise community, that helps meet the nature needs of 700 students! Then on to Winchester Jr & Sr PS, where the largest and wildest garden will delight you with hidden pathways, endangered wildflowers growing like crazy, and so much more. Finally, at Sprucecourt Jr. PS, we’ll harvest in this amazing front-yard school garden that produces so well for markets and restaurants. We’ll make some bike-blender smoothies to fortify us on our way to the Fair at Regent Park! We’re excited to partner with Earth’s Own, makers of fine plant-based milks! For interesting facts about milk and milk alternatives, see this link.

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