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garden pedagogy

Yes, there is such a thing. I read it in a scholarly article which I would post here if I were better organized. It’s related to project-based learning which sounds like my kind of education – three or four dimensional, with real stuff to go with the ideas. Many of us do not learn well with paper and pencil as the primary tools – our neurons stop firing, we get fidgety and anxious, and basically wish we were somewhere else. I wonder if that’s why when you say the words “school gardens” some people stop listening after the word “school”. Of course there are other reasons people hated school. One of the great things about being in school gardens with students is being able to add some sunshine to their day on the social-emotional level. Spring’s coming – and with it the joy of their excitement to watch it unfold before their very eyes. Makes up for a lot of the little hurts that characterize childhood.

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