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A quick endorsement! Growing food on your balcony guide!

An Illustrated Guide to Growing Food on Your Balcony

Our favourite Lara has made this fabulous Illustrated Guide to Growing Food On Your Balcony. A super resource for those of us that do not have backyard gardens.  Especially valuable when you think about most of the gardening books out there.

Lara has had 8 years of growing experience on balconies, particularly in the neighbourhood of St. James Town, which is renown for its high-rises!

Only a few hundred copies have been printed so far. But with your help, Lara(and her supporters and balcony growing advocates) hopes to be able to print more copies of this timely resource for the upcoming spring season to disperse to other educators, community gardeners and those that are interested in growing food on their balcony! I am lucky to have my own copy and look forward to additional information she will be including on soil and how to grow food without a garden!

Overdue: posts about the CASSA conference, Growing A Greener Future from Field to Table conference, Seedy Sunday and updates about our programs!

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