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Summer in the school gardens told in visuals

collecting ingredients for herbal lemonade

Collecting herbs and berries for herbal lemonade in the garden.

les fleurs du basilic thai

Pre-school aged girl enjoying the aroma of thai basil flowers.


Day camp kids participating in water relay race game

a mix of calalloo, squash leaves and flowers and etc.

Fresh produce picked by one of our long time garden participants.


Nathalie proudly cradling a freshly picked zucchini, with Sail looking on at Bendale.


Garden program at Sprucecourt led by the youth staff.

last of the spring peas

Children eating the last of the peas before they have a chance of being taken home and cooked.

solar oven garden pizza with a slice of mouse melon

Solar oven pizza topped with herbs and a side of sliced mouse melons.

cup plant pollination

Bees pollinating cup plants.

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