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Seedy Sunday (and Saturday!)2011

Oohhh! It’s almost that time again, where we are dreaming about planting possibilities for the spring!

Seedy Saturday & Sunday (formerly just known as the event Seedy Saturday) is just around the corner. Organized by the Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN), there is going to be three SS locations, one in Scarborough (the second year!), and now North York (woot woot represent!).

Seedy Sunday/Saturday 2011 Promo below:

Seedy Sunday and Saturdays is hosted by the Toronto Community Garden Network (TCGN), to provide gardeners, plant-lovers and the general public with a head-start on their spring gardens. Featuring a grassroots seed exchange, seed vendors, garden and food organizations, and free workshops,  SS aims to meet your gardening needs & dreams.

This year, the theme is Increasing Access to Seeds/Gardening/Food.

By adopting this theme, TCGN hopes to raise awareness of the full spectrum of access issues. This is why entrance costs are low, the event strives to have wheelchair friendly venues, and  family-friendly children’s activities are available at the Seedy events. The aim of the events is to encourage community gardens in Toronto to be even more inclusive and mindful of those with special needs.

You are welcome to join, and celebrate the unique flavour at the different community locations. For more information: visit , email the event coordinator, melissa.benner(AT), or call416-363-6441 x252.


As always, Green Thumbs will have a table at the Sunday, February 13th Seedy Sunday at the University of Toronto. So come! Bring some excess seeds from last year’s garden if you have them! Check out what seeds or gardening ideas are available for the 2011 growing season! Come by our table and say hello, hello! We’d love to see you!

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