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Quick Summer Update: Plant Faces

Kicking off the summer with creativity, kids at our Sprucecourt morning program are having so much fun!  This ‘plant face’ activity kept everyone alert during the tasty garden tour as they collected materials along the way.

 Being a “hands on learning”, I always enjoyed arts and crafts in school. Creating an example prior to our kids program, I loved choosing different textures and colours for my plant buddy. It reminded me a lot of my own journal and my entries that incorporate random items stuck in such as leaves or bracelets. Maybe I even had more fun than the kids especially being fascinated by the handy double sided tape.

Not only were kids educated in plant identification for the leaves they chose, but they expressed their creativity with the arrangement of their precious plant parts and adding to it with crayons or pipe cleaners.  Everyone had fun exploring Sprucecourt garden and touching the different textures of plants.

It’s never too late to make your own plant face, or plant buddy at home…so hop off your computer, and get creative!!!

Although it looks like I photo-bombed the picture, I really didn’t!!!

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