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Energy@Work Gives Us Their Energy!

On June 7, 2013, the amazing work crew from Energy@Work came to a Green Thumbs Growing Kids partner site, Winchester Public School Community Garden, to support our organization in bringing nature and fresh garden foods to kids in downtown east Toronto. Lara Rouse set up the work party, and here’s the crew getting oriented to the site. From left to right: Sunday Harrison from GTGK, Ron, Steph, Jen, Lara, Manager of Training and Development and Ben, Associate Partner. Scott Rouse, Managing Partner, joined us shortly after this photo was taken.


After getting some idea of what they’d gotten themselves into, the crew settled in for a marathon weeding session. The garden had sprouted a ridiculously excessive crop of a particular plant, a sunflower related to the native potato – but not a productive variety.


Energy@Work provides a range of services to help people understand their energy usage, improve on their usage, and buy their energy more economically. Ron and Ben (above) use their energy efficiently to pluck out these extra plants, making room for more of the productive variety, which is called sunchoke, Jerusalem artichoke, and native potato for its edible tuber.

Green Thumbs Growing Kids is grateful for the support that Energy@Work provided this season! And thanks to Energy@Work, commercial, industrial and institutional clients save money and use energy resources more efficiently, which is good for everyone.

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