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Cool shout-out in EcoSchools April newsletter

We are quite pleased to receive a mention from our friends at TDSB‘s EcoSchools  in their April Newsletter issue:

Green Thumbs Growing Kids (GTGK) EcoSchools Section 3: Questions 3.3, 3.6

This small and incredibly talented group of gardener-educators should be on everybody’s radar! Through extensive long-term engagement with Rose Avenue and Winchester PS, Sunday Harrison and her staff have been planting ‘seeds’ of inspiration and practical skills as students take their knowledge of and passion for the living world with them through life. Check out their newsletter to learn about their spring program (available in English and French) at

To learn whether there might be opportunities for your school to get GTGK’s help, send an email to


Go read the rest of the newsletter by clicking here.

Thank you EcoSchools for the props!

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