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Bonne fête!

We love how children will use their imagination to re-conceive the garden space, adapting to whatever the climate may be! The garden under a lot of snow can become a survival adventure, filled with “danger”, and the required need to find shelter and food. It is amazing!

survivor games

A great big thanks to those of you who made a donation this holiday season! Hope your loved ones enjoyed the cards displaying the joyful harvest that school food gardening can bring about in children’s lives! Happy new year everyone. And to a great 2011 growing season! Hopefully you’ll stay tuned for these delicious and edible urban growing adventures!

Below, a couple more winter fun garden photos!

tasting sweet parsley under the hoop house in the urban school food garden

We tasted parsley under the hoop house and the children noticed how the leaves are a little sweeter because of the frost.

summer winter

Even in the cold weather, children will find a way to soak up the sun. Here they are lounging in their “hot tub”, formerly the sandpit, covered in snow.

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