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Back-to-school harvesting


Do you feel that?

It’s the cool fall breeze rustling your hair.

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of children’s voices gleefully picking vegetables from their school garden carrying over: eating beans, tomatoes, sorrel, chives and what have you straight out of the garden.

school vegetable bounty

Last week at Winchester, Gabrielle Roy and Sprucecourt children picked a large bounty of vegetables that went into the schools’ lunch and morning snack programs, as well the fresh and immediate consumption! Tomatoes for everyone! Globular and pear shaped, small and big, stripey, red, orange, yellow, peachy toned tomatoes.

We also transplanted lettuce seedlings with one class, which the teacher turned into a procedural writing activity for grade 3 students in the classroom (uh oh, Jan Wong, literacy in the garden? What?).

Other highlights:

Girl’s hair gets tangled in sorrel plant while picking tomatoes. Said student called me over wanting me to see. The perils of gardening. “Dangerous”. We were equally amused.

hair gets tangled in sorrel plant seeds when picking tomatoes in the garden.

Joyce at Sprucecourt is a very keen student nutrition co-ordinator and was pleased to accept the garden bounty. Apparently she made potato salad and incorporated the mint (the potatoes at that particular garden are not quite ready for harvesting). She is open to using vegetables she’s never tried before and is looking to make something with the amaranth (aka callaloo, red spinach, lal shaag!), a popular green in many cuisines, the world over!

fresh veg in sprucecourt school kitchen.

Transplanting lettuce babies at Sprucecourt.

transplanting lettuce.

I also caught some “keen” (read sneaky) students picking beans after school.

And all this time I thought it was squirrels!

bean climb picking.
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